Articles of Association

General Rules
Article 1 (Namesake)
This academic institute is called 'Daesoon Academy of Sciences (DAOS, hereinafter referred to as 'the academy').
Article 2 (Purpose)
The purpose of this academic institute is to contribute to the development of the nation and human society with the spirit of faithfulness, piety and conviction based on the educational philosophy of Korea and the principle of the Resolution of Grievances for Mutual Beneficence through academic research, educational activities, and virtue cultivation based on Daesoon Thought. The academy aims to promote and realize the purpose of Daejin University which is to foster talent.
Article 3 (Location)
Our academic institute is located in Daejin University (hereinafter referred to as 'the school').
Article 4 (Projects)
In order to achieve the purpose of Article 2, our academic institute conducts the following projects:
(1) The publication of academic journals and other academic materials
(2) The holding of academic conferences and forums
(3) Educational activities involving faculty, research, virtue development, and support thereof
(4) Exchange and cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations and academic societies
(5) Other projects necessary to achieve the purpose of our academic institute
Organizational Structure
Article 5 (Organization)
Our institute has the following organizational bodies:
(1) Chairperson
(2) Steering Committee
(3) Other Committees
(4) Executive Office
Article 6 (Executives)
The academic institute has the following executives.
(1) Chairperson: 1 person
(2) Honorary chairperson: 1 or more
(3) Steering Committee: 5 or more (up to 10)
(4) General Manager: 1 person
Article 7 (Executive Duties, Terms of Office, Recommendations)
(1) The chairperson is in charge of the management of the institute on behalf of the institute, and comes into the position through recommendation by the steering committee.
(2) An honorary chairperson is someone who has served as the chairperson of the Academy or has made a remarkable contribution to the development of the academy, and has been recommended by the steering committee. An honorary chairperson is eligible to participate in activities as a member of the steering committee.
(3) The Steering Committee is appointed by the Chairperson of the academy after deliberation by the Steering Committee among full-time faculty members and Upper-level clergy members of Daesoon Jinrihoe.
(4) The general manager is recommended by the chairperson and appointed according to the relevant regulations of the university, and all tasks related to the operation of the academic institute are executed by the general manager under the direction of the chairperson. The term of office for a chief executive is two years.
(5) A vice-chairperson may be appointed as needed, and they are recommended by the chairperson and appointed according to the relevant regulations of the university.
Article 8 (Steering Committee)
(1) The Steering Committee consists of 5 or more but no more than 10 members, and the chairperson acts as head of the committee and manages the meetings.
(2) The Steering Committee deliberates on the following items:
  • ① Major plans for the development of the academic institute
  • ② Enactment and revision of the regulations of the academic institute
  • ③ Matters related to budget and settlement
  • ④ Recommendations of the chairperson
  • ⑤ Other matters deemed necessary by the chairperson
(3) The steering committee is convened by the chairperson, and the minutes of the meeting must be written and signed by attending members.
(4) The Steering Committee can open if the attendance of two-thirds or more of the enrolled members are present and approval is determined by a majority of votes cast by the members present.
(5) The Steering Committee may have a secretary(Administrative Manager?), who assists the chairperson(/Genearl Manager) and may be appointed and dismissed by the chairperson.
Article 9 (Other Committees)
(1) The academy may form committees that are necessary for its business.
(2) Each committee may establish detailed rules necessary for its operation after deliberation by the steering committee and approval by the chairperson.
Article 10 (Executive Office)
(1) The Executive Office consists of the general manager and secretary, but may also have an assistant.
(2) The secretariat handles all the business related to the projects of the academic institute.
Article 11 (Research Professors, Research Fellows, Researchers, Assistants)
(1)Research professors, research fellows, researchers, and assistant professors can be placed in this academic institute, and research professors (including seating professors) and assistants are subject to the relevant regulations of the university.
(2) A research fellow is a full-time faculty member of the university or a person with equivalent academic competency and is in charge of instruction, research, and educational affairs of the academic institute.
(3) Researchers are in charge of all tasks related to research and editing of journals.
(4) Assistants are in charge of general affairs of the academic institute.
Article 12 (Finance)
The finance of this academic institute is covered by the following resources:
(1) Profits from academic research service projects
(2) Donations or funding from outsiders and outside organizations
(3) The academic budget of the university
(4) Long-term support fund collected by Daesoon Jinrihoe
(5) Other sources of income
Article 13 (Budgeting and Settlements)
Article 12 Paragraph 3 The school's academic institute budget and settlements are prepared in accordance with the school's related standards.
Supplementary Provisions
Article 14 (Detailed Rules of Operation)
Details necessary for the operation of the academic institute are determined by the chairperson.
1. (Effective date) This regulation is effective from March 1, 2013. (Corporate Personnel Team-15)
1. (Effective date) This regulation is effective from January 1, 2017. (Corporate Personnel Team-258)
1. (Effective date) These changes are effective from September 18, 2020. (Corporate Personnel Team-265)