About the Journal

Asia-Pacific Journal of Canadian Studies 한국캐내다학회 논문집

Since its establishment on April 1, 1992, the Korean Association for Canadian Studies has been contributing to
the enhancement of the relationship between Korea and Canada and academic exchanges between the two in accordance with its
purpose of establishment, to promote the understanding of Canada's humanities, social sciences and natural sciences until today.

Especially, the Asia-Pacific Journal of Canadian Studies, which is the academic journal of this society,
has played an important role in the development of Canadian Studies in Asia both locally and externally.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for your continued support and dedication as well as those of our past presidents and directors.
Since Minister James S. Gale first visited Korea, it has been 130 years. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries,
many Canadian missionaries contributed greatly to the fields of independence, medicine, education, and ministry in Korea. During the Korean War,
the Canadian government dispatched the third largest number of troops to Korea to fight for peace and freedom in Korea.

In the 21st century, Korea and Canada share the values of democracy and human rights, and maintain close relations in politics,
economy and diplomacy based on a mutually complementary economic partnership. In order to contribute to this mission,
the Korean Association for Canadian Studies makes every effort to spread knowledge about Canadian Studies as a regional
study by holding academic conferences, publishing academic papers, and actively interacting with its members.

Finally, the Korean Association for Canadian Studies will try hard to become a society that contributes
to promoting the relationship between Canada and Korea and that values your voices. We look forward to your active participation in our path.

President of Korean Association for Canadian Studies